About Michelle

My Approach

My photos have often been described as romantic, soft, and elegant. Imperfect, thoughtful, and authentic moments between two people in love are what ignites my soul and continues to inspire my work. I'm continually grateful for the daily opportunities I receive to work with such amazing clients.

As a hybrid photographer, I utilize both traditional film and digital photography to capture and document stories. I love and crave the flexibility I get with using these mediums. Enamored with both, I'm able to produce a timeless, romantic photograph on film while maintaining the speed and reliability of a digital backup system.

Our Story

I met my husband Michael in college working as a hostess and server at Outback Steakhouse. You know how they say opposites attract? Well, it turns out they were right. In our early days, Michael was the sweet, shy guy who just wanted to take me on a proper date, and I was the girl who wasn't interested, keeping my distance and always doing my own thing. My husband was not the type of guy I typically dated back then; he was scruffy and nerdy, and I wasn't sure we'd have anything in common at all. Regardless of my hesitations, he persisted until finally I caved and said yes to a first date. We shared a phenomenal sushi dinner the following evening, and the rest was history.

Working With Me

On wedding days, my husband is my assistant and go-to guy. We are huge fans of couples deeply in love who care most about the experience of their wedding day and spending it with family and friends. After you reach out, you'll correspond mainly with me before meeting together at your consultation or engagement session. Over coffee or drinks, we can jump right in to talking about your wedding day plans, bond with you over our love for cats and coffee, or laugh about the fact that we're experts at telling really corny jokes. Whatever your fancy, we're honored to meet you and can't wait to call you friends. If you like us and think we'll get along, we'd absolutely love to hear from you.


A few Facts About Me

  • I am a licensed registered nurse.
  • My husband and I are originally from Mississippi. We transplanted to Maryland to explore new adventures and pursue career advancement.
  • We don't have any kids, but would love to start a family someday!
  • I need coffee...every.day. 
  • I prefer to wear sweats and a t-shirt for a date night in instead of a cute outfit for a night out.
  • I adore handwritten notes and letters. If we are friends, you can expect to receive one of these at some point!