Etsy Wedding Shops You Should Consider Purchasing From

When it comes to finding the perfect decor for your wedding day, getting creative and choosing the perfect item while also staying unique to yourself can be very difficult, and often overwhelming. I know exactly how that goes because I've been there. I struggled with the tough decisions of whether or not I wanted to order the best unique online, or simply cave in and purchase the same as the next bride from Hobby Lobby (...and let's be real, it's just easier that way). 

I'm hopefully going to make life a little easier for you today, because I've compiled a list of my favorite (and I feel, the best!) Etsy wedding shops that I hope you'll love, too. Most of these shops I've purchased from as a bride myself, and the others I have longingly admired from afar. I'll let you make the decision for yourself, because you can't go wrong purchasing from any of the shops on my list! Let's get started...

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This is the first shop I recommend if you haven't found your perfect earrings, headpiece, or accessories. Sarah Walsh Bridal stocks both classic and trendy wedding jewelry (and with great quality), so you're bound to find something that works for you without having to scour the dark corner of the internet. There are also many variations within the same 'look' so mixing and matching jewelry would be a good option and super cute on the wedding day.


The bridal robes this store produces are to die for. I almost made the purchase myself, but wasn't able to afford it at the time. If you have the money in your budget and want to splurge on high-quality robes for you or your maids, this is definitely the place to start. My absolute favorite items are the Isolde chiffon bridal robe and the chiffon bridesmaid dressing gowns. Swoon!


This is the shop I ordered my bridesmaids' pajamas from. They are so much more affordable and just as soft in my opinion. All orders are shipped from overseas but I found they are very quick for how far they travel. My maids LOVED their pajamas! Here's a link to my favorite pair of Piyama PJs.


Finding the perfect gift for my groom was something I really struggled with. He's not the type that'll ask for something easy to shop for, if he does at all. When it comes to gift ideas, I felt I had worn down my options—until I found Maven Metals. I knew almost immediately this was the solution to my problem. I love everything about this shop, from their handmade craftsmanship down to the way they package their items. I highly recommend this shop for groom and groomsmen gifts!


This is one of the shops I admired from afar. I love the items this shop sells and I find they are unique, as well. I really can't stand getting the same cookie-cutter items as the next bride. Sugar & Chic offers great gifts and accessories, as well as custom calligraphy wedding day decor if you're leaning in that direction for your style. Lately, I've been coveting the custom hand-lettered marble table numbers. All of the things!


This shop is something special, and in high demand! Kaylie and Josh do a great job producing various types of REALLY cute wedding signage. They offer not only wooden signs, but acrylic, chalkboard, and glass for any part of your wedding day. They have baby items, too! I'm sure Kaylie manages the calligraphy side of things, and I just adore her handwriting. A match made in calligraphy heaven...

Last, but not least...


I saved the best for last. Ginny's creations are special because she is from my home state of MS (just an hour or so from where we used to live). I love that Mississippi women like Ginny have been empowered to start their own creative businesses, and successful ones at that. Ginny's jewelry is trendy, fun, and unique. Every piece she produces is always different from the ones she's made before, which is something I love about what she does. I've been dying to purchase earrings from this shop (and one day I will), but for now I'll just admire from afar. I'm so proud to stand with Ginny as a creative business owner and boss lady. Love!

Found items you love on Etsy and want to share? Let me know in the comments below and your favorite shop may make the cut! Tell me about your favorite item(s) you recommend and why you love it. 

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