Just in June - Week 2: Metals!

Metal wall art is one of my favorite things: simple, fun, and offbeat! Metals are something different that you simply can't get anywhere else! They're durable, eye-catching, sharp, and probably something you wouldn't see yourself loving... until now! But, why metal? Why not just a canvas? Metals come in a variety of finishes that other products just don't deliver. The examples I show you here are a glossy, opaque finish. This is my favorite finish, but I offer other finishes to suit your unique aesthetic.  Looking for a more industrial style piece of art? What if the whites of your photo were brushed aluminum instead of, well... white? It's a super unique style and we can make it happen! Scroll down to see more, but you definitely have to touch/feel these in person!


Every piece of metal art comes fully-finished with a stand-out backing and rubber bumpers/grips. They won't be sliding around on the wall once you hang. Each piece is different, but the larger typically require three points of contact on the wall for durability when hung. Smaller pieces are SO SIMPLE to hang with only one point of contact.

Metals repel water and are easy to clean. Just spray with clean, distilled water and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. 

Preview metals today by contacting me for a pre-session consultation. You'll be a step ahead and have an advantage of seeing all my new products in-person.

questions? Comments? ask me down below!

Michelle Abernathy

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