Vendor Spotlight: Amy Lauren Floral Design

I had the opportunity to meet Amy of Amy Lauren Floral Design at her home in Silver Spring in May. Amy is an incredible floral designer in the DMV and destination wedding industry and a creative girl boss. We first met at a networking event in about a month before our session and arranged to meet up with a goal in mind to capture Amy in every stage of her design process, highlighting her natural talents and creativity. My love for inspiring others sparked me to create a new blog series I'm starting today called "A Creative Process."

I interviewed Amy to get a little insight on her business and discover what inspires her daily. I hope you enjoy reading her answers and getting inspired, yourself! If you'd like more information about Amy, her contact information will be listed at the end of this blog post. 


TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF! PLEASE GIVE A BRIEF INTRODUCTION ON WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT BUSINESS YOU DO IN THE WEDDING INDUSTRY. Hey there! I'm Amy, a wife, mom, friend, and adventure seeker. I love pretty and interesting things which always has me playing with new designs! I'm a wedding florist specializing in romantic, soft, garden style arrangements.

WHERE IS YOUR BUSINESS LOCATED AND WHAT AREAS DO YOU SERVE? I'm located in Silver Spring, MD and serve the entire DMV and even destination weddings.

HOW DID YOU BEGIN IN THE WEDDING INDUSTRY? Flowers had been my hobby for a very long time! I started in the industry by recognizing my deep desire to use my creative energy for business! A few nudges from some industry friends, and the rest is history!

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SOURCE OF INSPIRATION AS A WEDDING FLORIST? My biggest source of inspiration is nature. I know that's not original. Ha! But, I love creating designs that appear as if they could be growing somewhere. I'm inspired by texture as well. Sure, certain flowers really make me happy... but textures, shapes, even smells really get me excited!

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR FAVORITE DESIGN TO DATE? PLEASE DESCRIBE IT! This is so hard! They're all different! If I had to pick one, it would be a bouquet for a styled shoot I collaborated on in March 2017. It was very inspired by the garden. Really flowy and big. The colors were soft. White. Blush. Lavender. Soft greens. But the smell.... it was so perfect. Lilacs, garden rose, fresh lavender, cherry blossom. Oh my gosh. So perfect! I loved this bouquet and wished I could bottle up the scent and wear it forever.


IF YOU COULD OFFER ONE PIECE OF ADVICE TO A CURRENT BRIDE WHO IS PLANNING HER WEDDING, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Come to the table with some ideas. For example: color, style, budget, etc. Then be flexible and allow the professional... in this case, the florist to help steer you in a direction. Trust their creative expression! That's why you're hiring them :)

FINALLY, WHY DO YOU LOVE BEING A WEDDING FLORIST? So many reasons. I truly breathe a deep sigh of relief every single time I get my hands on fresh blooms. It calms me. It gives me life. It's a great way to feel connected to nature... and especially a medium that is a living/dying thing. Flowers don't last forever but the feeling and memory they create, does. I cherish every opportunity to delight someone with an unexpected design...or something that looks exactly like what they were envisioning. It's an honor to be part of so many special days for my brides.

If you're interested in working with Amy, reach out to her directly at, or visit her online at!