Building Boss Ladies visit McKeldin Recreational Area

This post is so way overdue, but as I always say, better late than never. In early September I gathered with the talented ladies of Building Boss Ladies at McKeldin Recreational Area to take pretty pictures. Of course it was a given the shoot would be incredible with Maura Deegan and Anna Smith (Anna Elizabeth Events) as our beautiful models. These are the same girls who modeled for the BBL Halloween Shoot, which I blogged about a couple weeks ago. The organizer of the event was Elizabeth Ann over at L'etoile de Paris Styling, who is super creative and did a wonderful job styling and dressing the ladies.

Today's post features a few of the pictures I used in a previous post where I talked about why I shoot both digital and film mediums in my photography business. Most of these photos are film, shot with a Canon AE-1 on Portra 400 35mm film—classic and timeless. Portra 400 is steadily becoming my all-time favorite film to shoot because the tones are just unmatchable. I'm continually excited to try more and more film stocks as time goes on and my knowledge with film grows. Up next—double exposures!

This was my first shoot with BBL, and I think it was the perfect time for me to jump in and join the group. It was laid-back, relaxed, and most of all... fun. I always enjoy meeting local photographers and making new friends. Here's some of my favorite photos from the shoot!